Grandad George. I'll never ever truly say goodbye, for now it's just a see you soon. Your soul will keep on living, your love will keep on filling the hearts of the people who love and adore you. I'm sat here and I'm struggling too find the right words to say, but really what is the right thing too say when this happens? We sit and we talk about you, we cry, we comfort each other. Dad is fighting hard against his feelings, how do I comfort him when he's lost the man he looked up too, the man he called his father ? I pray that you'll be proud of me, looking down on Jordan and I when we move into our own new home. That you watch my back through all the hard days that may come. We will soon be laying you too rest. A day I dread with all my life. But you will be forever free of this evil evil world, out of pain, out of sadness. There will forever be an unbelievably huge hole in our lives. We love you always grandad xxx

Lit by Rebecca. Your granddaughter X on 05/22/2018

This candle was first lit on the 22nd of May 2018 and will burn for 98 years 10 months and 26 days.